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GLOBAL HUMANITIES DESERT STUDIES Year 5, Vol.7 Edizioni Museo Pasqualino, 2020 ISSN 2199-3939 Editors Frank Jacob and Francesco Mangiapane   Deserts will, due to climate change, gain more and more ground around the world and will determine the lives of many more people in the future. How deserts can and also should be studied as [...]


GLOBAL HUMANITIES Identity and Nationhood Year 6, Vol.8 Edizioni Museo Pasqualino, 2021 ISSN 2199-3939 Editors Frank Jacob and Francesco Mangiapane   The nation is a powerful idea that creates a sense of belonging, but is often also used to separate people according to their different national identities. How the idea of nationhood determines the individual [...]

Religious beliefs often determine the life within communities. Therefore, religion often also has political implications and the interrelationship between politics and religiously motivated considerations play an important role for the daily life of many people around the globe. Very often, political leaders also tie their own measures and their respective interpretation to some kind of [...]

88 years have passed since the first publication of Walter Banjamin’s essay where he firstly proposed the notion of aura. Following the ongoing process of artification of daily life, the problem of the uniqueness of the work of art, as identified by aura, continues to be inspiring for understanding and criticizing the social world. This [...]